Climbing Olympus

ZMAK OLYMPUS is coming and it’s the biggest Spring event in the field of European pro-wrestling. On April 16, RAIL ENTERTAINMENT STUDIOS will be hosting the biggest main event in the modern history of Greek wrestling and, at the same time, the independent scene's (on the European continent) most important match for the first half of 2022.

Belgian ZMAK champion Aaron Rammy will face the former Italian ZMAK Prime champion Karim Brigante for the big promotion title! These are two wrestlers who belong to the European spectrum’s elite, with performances from all over the world!

The Prince!

Aaron Rammy is the “Prince” of Belgium and of the countries in central Europe. In his country he is, by far, the top wrestler of the decade, whilst winning four more titles, from different promotions.

He has already defended the ZMAK title four times, against a total of nine opponents.
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The Emperor!

Karim Brigante also belongs to the elite of top independent European wrestlers! The biggest indy name Italy has released the last ten years.

He competes in both Europe and the USA several times a year, and after his tenure next to the legendary Harley Race, he has lived for five years in America, where he won three different titles and added many more in Europe later.

Brigante has even reached WWE, where he has had several appearances in house shows, of the biggest promotion on Earth. In 2019, he became the first international wrestler to win a title at ZMAK (Prime championship).
Karims card

For these two demigods of the European wrestling community, there is another "mountain" for them to climb, and that is... Mount Olympus! ZMAK OLYMPUS, on April 16, will end with only one of them, sitting on "Zeus’" throne!


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